Smart Voice Coaching

KuaiFit becomes your wearable personal coach by automatically adapting training plans to your body, using its integrated sensors and proprietary software to deliver personalized smart voice coaching.

Download training plans from Kuai.Fit and upload to your KuaiFit Headphones. Browse through hundreds of specially-designed training plans created by top athletes in a variety of sports.

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Get Connected

KuaiFit operates autonomously using its internal memory and microchip, but it can also connect to your smartphone, sport watch, bike sensor, bike computer, power meter, gym equipment, and practically any device with ANT+ or BLE.

Access Your Data

Connect to your PC/Mac and upload music and training plans to your KuaiFit headphones. Visualize and share your sport data on your phone with the KuaiFit app, or at Kuai.Fit web. If you like using other sport apps, you can easily export your workout data saved in .FIT.


Track Your Moves

Accurate biometric data and performance tracking is the cornerstone of the KuaiFit platform. Using clinically-validated heart rate sensors, KuaiFit precisely monitors your heart rate and calories, and with its in-built accelerometer, tracks your speed, pace, distance, steps, cadence, and laps. It can also measure cadence and power during cycling with an additional cycling sensor.

Designed For Sports

About KuaiFit

The world's only multi-sport smart headphones that automatically measure your body and performance during any sport, providing adaptive live voice coaching using patented technology, accurate sensors, and proprietary software algorithms. KUAIFIT connects to an online platform of training plans created by top coaches and Olympic athletes designed to help users achieve their fitness goals.

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