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  1. Beginner
    The Knee-Rehab program is designed to rehabilitate knee issues from indeterminate pain, a knee injury, or to continue your recovery process following surgery or physical therapy. Part one of the Knee-Rehab training plan is a one week program focusing on myofascial release of the legs, hips and back. You will need a full round foam roller for this program. With the holistic approach of the Knee-Rehab training plan, not only will your knee feel better , your whole body will feel and move better. So what do you say? Grab your foam roller, "Take a knee" and let's get started!

  2. Beginner
    This is a 4 week plan for beginners that includes 12 sessions which are 20-30minutes each consisting of long runs, intervals and sprints to help you become a better runner! Sessions can be completed outdoors or on a treadmill

  3. Intermediate
    This is an intermediate/advanced level, high intensity interval training for increasing endurance and speed. The short bursts of sprinting are perfect for fat loss and toning muscles. To complete each exercise you will need a treadmill or an area with hills or slopes. Each session is 20 minutes and great for regular cardio, fasted cardio in the morning or a post resistance workout burnout. There are three sessions in the week. Feel free to use ankle weights, or resistance bands for more intensity.

  4. Beginner
    Guided Meditation is a series of easy-to-follow commands that bring you to a state of vibrant stillness. Simply relax and follow the instructions. During the meditation your pulse will slow down, your body will relax and your mind become focused and calm. After the session, you'll feel invigorated. It includes 5 sessions of 18 minutes each: Healing Meditation, Higher Power Meditation, Potential Meditation, Quiet The Mind, and Serenity Meditation.

  5. Beginner
    This is a 1 week plan for beginners. It is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout that you can do at home or in the gym. It is designed to help you shed fat, build muscle, and work on your agility. This is a one-week plan with 3 sessions that include spurts of full on work followed by 30 to 60-sec of rest. For this workout you will need a pair of kettlebells or dumbells, a treadmill, and a jump rope. You will be doing each session one day and taking the next day off. For example: you will be doing a session on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can also pair this workout with your regular workout routine as a high intensity cardio workout.

  6. Beginner
    The KuaiFit Muscle Recovery plan will stretch off and take care of your aching muscles after workouts.

  7. Beginner
    The KuaiFit Stress Reduction plan will activate the body's natural relaxation response via rhythmic exercises, stretching and meditation.