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  1. Beginner
    This is a 15 min workout to be done 3-5 days a week. Equipment needed will be a Yoga mat, a step or gym equipment for the tricep dips, a towel, and a bottle of water. Exercises include: squats, lunges, planks, tricep dips, and climbers. The goal is to use a variety of movements that will work all the muscles in the body, giving a very effective work out in a shorter period of time.

  2. Beginner
    This training program is designed to use the body weight to increase cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, promote weight loss, increase stamina and overall performance, and increase muscle tone. All you will need is your body, a clear area to perform exercises, and a treadmill or open area for running. There are 3 sessions per week with one day of rest between each session: Session 1 is 32 minutes Session 2 is 46 minutes Session 3 is 30 minutes Total duration of 108 minutes

  3. Intermediate
    This is a 1-week plan for intermediate level weightlifters that consists of 4 60-minute sessions. It is designed to introduce the basics of classic bodybuilding by using a mix of heavy compound lifts to maximize growth as well as accessory work to increase the aesthetic aspect of your physique. This workout is to be done in a gym and is to be completed using weights, machines and cables.

  4. Intermediate
    This one week plan for intermediate weightlifters consists of 3 60 minute sessions focusing on growing the different sections of the back to give you the wide, thick and muscular back you've always wanted. This workout is to be done in a gym and will require the use of Weights as well as Machines.

  5. Intermediate
    This 1 week plan is designed to build those huge quads, monster calves and chiseled hamstrings and glutes you've always wanted. This plan consists of 3 60 minute sessions and are to be completed in a gym using a mix of machines and weights.

  6. Intermediate
    This is a one week plan for intermediate weightlifters consisting of 3 sessions of 45 minutes each focusing on heavy compound lifts and high volume isolation movements to help you grow your arms to awesome size. These workouts are to be done in a gym and will include the use of weights, cables and machines.

  7. Intermediate
    This 1 week plan for intermediate weightlifters consists of 3 45 minute sessions, and is designed to focus on strengthening and growing the three pushing muscle groups: Chest, shoulders, and triceps. These workouts are to be done in a gym and will require the use of weights, cables and machines.

  8. Intermediate
    Whether you are just beginning to work out or highly trained and trying to reach the next level, this training program is for you. This program focuses on stressing both the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems to increase endurance, speed, and strength. A variety of running intervals differing in duration and intensity will be used with strength exercises integrated between reps. Exercises performed will include: Push up's, Sit up's, Burpees, Walking Lunges, Planks, and Squats. Workouts range from 30-45 minutes.

  9. Intermediate
    This plan is for Triathletes who wish to take that step up in performance to become competitive in their races. It is 8 weeks in duration and this plan is week 1. We will progressively push your limits and apply positive stress to enable you to become faster, more confident and ultimately more competitive in your chosen sprint triathlon. You will be undertaking Swim, Cycle and Run sessions in this plan and occasionally doing 2 sessions in a single day back to back as a brick session. 6 sessions in week 1 with one rest day between sessions 4 & 5.

  10. Intermediate
    This 1 week plan for Intermediate level will focus on the overall increase of muscle mass and strength through 3 1 hour sessions and the use of heavy compound lifts and accessory work. This plan is to be done in a gym and will employ the use of Barbells, dumbells, and machines.

  11. Beginner
    This is a 1 week workout with 3 different workouts. It is a HIIT style program using dumbbells. This program is for beginners.

  12. Beginner
    This is a 1 week plan to help you shape and sculpt your core. You will need either dumbbells or a medicine ball and a stability ball. This program is for beginners.

  13. Beginner
    This is a 1 week training program for beginners to sculpt, shape and tone your arms. All you need is a set of dumbbells.

  14. Advanced
    This is an intermediate to advanced plan to help you build your body for shape and function. You will train 4 days per week with the other days left for active recovery and rest. Be sure to fuel your workouts and eat for recovery. A sample training week would be Monday and Tuesday train, Wednesday active recovery cardio, sport, dance, yoga etc. Thursday train, Friday train, Saturday active recovery, Sunday is off. Each workout session should not take you more than 45 minutes to complete.

  15. Intermediate
    This Plan, part 1 of 4 coming soon,is an Intermediate 1 week training program with 4 sessions per week for those individuals looking to optimize muscle composition while shredding pounds of body fat. Realistically anyone can do this plan beginner,intermediate, even advanced lifters if you have the right mindset and work ethic of course. It incorporates high intensity with power lifting aspects. Access to a gym is essential given the fact that the program does involve various exercises using diversified gym equipment'which can range from squats to bench press.Remember that in order to maximize results a proper diet must be in place.Also it is imperative that the trainee do prior stretches to avoid risk of injury.Good luck and work hard to achieve the body of your dreams.

  16. Intermediate
    This is a one week plan for athletes of for anyone who is looking to switch up their training regimen to develop power and explosive strength. This plan will need to be done in a gym as you will need a moderate amount of equipment to complete this program.

  17. Advanced
    This 5 session, week long plan is a gym plan which will need equipment such as barbells, dumbbells and cable machines to complete. This plan is geared toward the advanced weightlifter who's goal is to gain strength and to become more comfortable with heavier weights.

  18. Advanced
    This is a 1-month segment of a 3-month advanced cycling plan to achieve a distance of 200km.

  19. Advanced
    This is a 4-week section of a 16-week Marathon plan for advanced runners. It contains 2 tempo sessions, 2 interval sessions, and 1 long run session per week.

  20. Intermediate
    This is a 1-month segment of a 3-month intermediate cycling plan to achieve a distance of 100km.

  21. Intermediate
    This is a 1-month segment of a 3-month Ironman 70.3 cycling plan to achieve a distance of 90km.

  22. Advanced
    This is a 4-week section of a 16-week Ironman running plan. It contains 1 interval session and 1 long run session per week.

  23. Beginner
    This is week one of the beginner at-home band workout plan. The only equipment required is a set of resistance bands. This plan is easy on the joints, can be done anywhere, and will hit every part of your body to give you balance. Each workout will be approximately 30 minutes to be trained every 2 days. To use for subsequent weeks, you can increase the intensity by decreasing the number reps (8-10 instead of 12-15) but increasing the resistance by moving slower (for a count of 6-8 instead of 2-3 on each rep of an exercise).

  24. Beginner
    This is a 1 week plan that includes 3 sessions of approx. 30 min each. It is designed for weight loss and strength and it will prepare you to progress to my Body Toning Resistance program. An exercise mat is the only equipment you will need. This workout is perfect for home, gym or the park.

  25. Beginner
    If you're new to working out, you'll never be at the gym wondering what to do again? There is no better way to build a foundation for fitness than with Full Body Workouts. Full Body workouts utilize compound or multi-joint movements to burn maximum calories, build lean muscle mass and develop strength, all while helping you lose fat. Full Body workouts also ensure that you create a balanced physique, eliminating strength imbalances, uneven definition and poor posture. This 1 hour workout is developed to help you build a solid, strength training foundation and develop consistently good form. Once you learn the basics and master this Full Body workout, you can progress to more difficult fitness challenges. A comfortable pair of Gym Shoes, Weight Lifting gloves and a Lifting Belt for back support are Recommended for this workout.

  26. Intermediate
    This 1 week plan consists of 3 sessions of 60 minutes each designed to strengthen and define your core through heavy compound lifts as well as plenty of abdominal work. These workouts are to be done in a gym and will require the use of weights as well as machines.

  27. Intermediate
    This is an introductory week to sandbag training for intermediates. Training with items such as sandbags will increase your functional fitness and prepare your body for everyday life. The time for each workout will vary depending on the person as it up to everyone to work at a pace that is hard and also attainable for them. You will need a sandbag, kettle bells, a rower, and a tall box, sturdy table or the back of a pickup. I hope you enjoy this training plan. You can get a sandbag from several places online. I Recommend brute force sandbags, as they are tough as nails and guaranteed for life. You can also find videos on YouTube to make your own. Use a weight that is challenging but will still allow you to complete the workout. This 1 week plan consists of 4 workouts, and one optional instructional workout. You can split it up however you like, just make sure to take 3 days for rest or active recovery. If you are unfamiliar with sumo deadlift high pulls or sandbag box stepovers, you can utilize the instructional workout

  28. Intermediate
    Are you in a training rut? Can't seem to beat your best 5K time no matter how hard you train? This training plan is designed to increase your turnover by recruiting your fast-twitch muscles, build endurance at a faster speed, increase leg power, shock your muscles out of its usual memory pattern of running and increase your mental strength. This workout plan can be completed on a track or a treadmill. This plan is not for the faint of heart. Get ready for that next 5K with this ultimate plan to drop time in no time. Continue with Week 2 for optimal results.

  29. Beginner
    This one week upper body workout is intended for beginners. It will include 3 sessions for the week at 50 minutes each. The equipment you will need are free weights, weight machines, bands and a matt. This workout is intended for the gym.

  30. Advanced
    This is a 1-month segment of a 3-month Ironman cycling plan to achieve a distance of 180km.