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  1. Intermediate
    This is an intermediate plan that will make you fitter, faster and more powerful which means stronger, leaner and empowered. You will need a jump rope, Thai bag or heavy bag, wraps and gloves. Use this plan 3 times per week on alternate days in addition to a resistance training plan for optimal gains. Rest at least one day per week and eat, sleep well EVERY day!

  2. Intermediate
    This plan is for beginners to the kettlebell world. If you have done weight training before this plan will introduce you to workouts with the kettlebells. If you have never done weight training before I would recommend starting with my couch to gym plan first then completing this plan so you have some basic knowledge of the gym. This plan consists of three days, each targeting a different muscle group. If you are not at a gym using this plan, you will need at least a 20 pound kettlebell. If you would like you can purchase an entire set.

  3. Beginner
    This is a one-week plan. It includes 3 sessions of approximately 30 minutes. It is important to rest one entire day between workouts. This is a strength and power workout plan that requires dumbbells, access to a bench/steps/jump box, as well as a hill or stairs and can be performed indoors or outdoors.

  4. Advanced
    This 5 session, week long plan is a gym plan which will need equipment such as barbells, dumbbells and cable machines to complete. This plan is geared toward the advanced weightlifter who's goal is to gain strength and to become more comfortable with heavier weights.

  5. Intermediate
    So you have run your fair share of road races- countless 5km’s, 10km’s and maybe even marathons! However, you may have not had the chance to run a 1500m on the track; either because you find track work intimidating or you don’t think you can gain anything from it. Well here’s your chance! This is a one month plan for an experienced runner to get you ready for a 1500m race; this plan is a great way to spice up your training and increase your leg speed to help you down the road at longer races. You will need to find a local track to do the hard intervals on, I’d only recommend track spikes if youre comfortable with them. If you are looking for fun, different, and FAST, this is the plan for you!

  6. Beginner
    This Beginner Run program is based on running specifically indoors on a Treadmill. It’s important for beginner runners to progress at a slow to moderate rate. Even though you are excited to start your new running routine, it’s key to not run too much, too soon. Be sure sure to only progress in mileage by a maximum of 10% weekly. It is also important to give yourself a recovery or easy week every 3rd or 4th week. Feel free to add in days of core work and or strength training to help you get even stronger.

  7. Beginner
    This is a 4 week program for beginners with 3 sessions per week that are 20-30 minutes each. They consist of interval training, some body weight exercises and long walks to help you lose weight and tone up. This program can be completed on a treadmill or outside.

  8. Advanced
    This is a 1-month segment of a 3-month advanced cycling plan to achieve a distance of 200km.

  9. Beginner
    The 4 Week Endurance Interval Training Plan is developed to build up athletic endurance through 12 sessions of run walk intervals that gradually increase stamina of running performance. This program can be done on a treadmill or outdoors. It is recommended to do the sessions every 2 days.

  10. Advanced
    This is a 4-week section of an 8-week Half Marathon plan for advanced runners. It contains 2 tempo sessions, 2 interval sessions, and 1 long run session per week.

  11. Advanced
    This is a 4-week section of a 16-week Marathon plan for advanced runners. It contains 2 tempo sessions, 2 interval sessions, and 1 long run session per week.

  12. Beginner
    This is a 4 week plan for beginners that includes 12 sessions which are 20-30minutes each consisting of long runs, intervals and sprints to help you become a better runner! Sessions can be completed outdoors or on a treadmill

  13. Intermediate
    This is a 1-month segment of a 3-month intermediate cycling plan to achieve a distance of 100km.

  14. Beginner
    Shred fat with this 4 week HIIT plan for beginners. You will do 3 sessions per week of high intensity interval workouts. You will need a jump rope, a treadmill and a box or bench.

  15. Intermediate
    This is a 1-month segment of a 3-month Ironman 70.3 cycling plan to achieve a distance of 90km.

  16. Advanced
    This is a 4-week section of a 16-week Ironman running plan. It contains 1 interval session and 1 long run session per week.

  17. Intermediate
    This plan is designed to focus on strength training exercises to tone, grow and shape your booty! This plan is not only for ladies, but for men as well. Everyone needs a toned butt! This plan is with weights, however if you are a beginner I recommend body weight. This is a four week plan consisting of 3 sessions a week. This is intended to be added to your workout regiment to increase focus on the Glute muscles for a week.

  18. Beginner
    This is a 4 week plan for beginners that includes 12 sessions of 20 minutes each consisting of interval training with a mix of speeds and inclines to increase your cardiovascular strength and endurance. You will need a treadmill for your runs as well as space for body weight exercises.

  19. Beginner
    Wether you're preparing for a Summer vacation or for a lifetime filled with health and wellness, this Lean and Tone training plan will get you feeling good and your body looking the best it ever has. This is week 1 of the beginner Lean and Tone training plan. You will start out with 3 sessions per week. Each session will focus on both upper body and lower body along with core. All you will need is a set of light to medium dumbbells, a resistance band, and a mat (which is completely optional). And don't think you're let off the hook just yet, each session will include some fun high-intensity circuit training to really get those calories burning and those curves showing!

  20. Intermediate
    This is an intermediate/advanced level, high intensity interval training for increasing endurance and speed. The short bursts of sprinting are perfect for fat loss and toning muscles. To complete each exercise you will need a treadmill or an area with hills or slopes. Each session is 20 minutes and great for regular cardio, fasted cardio in the morning or a post resistance workout burnout. There are three sessions in the week. Feel free to use ankle weights, or resistance bands for more intensity.

  21. Beginner
    This is week one of the beginner at-home band workout plan. The only equipment required is a set of resistance bands. This plan is easy on the joints, can be done anywhere, and will hit every part of your body to give you balance. Each workout will be approximately 30 minutes to be trained every 2 days. To use for subsequent weeks, you can increase the intensity by decreasing the number reps (8-10 instead of 12-15) but increasing the resistance by moving slower (for a count of 6-8 instead of 2-3 on each rep of an exercise).

  22. Beginner
    This is a 1 week plan that includes 3 sessions of approx. 30 min each. It is designed for weight loss and strength and it will prepare you to progress to my Body Toning Resistance program. An exercise mat is the only equipment you will need. This workout is perfect for home, gym or the park.

  23. Beginner
    The Couch To 5k Running Plan is for anybody looking to complete their first 5k. This week 1 of a 4-week program, which consists of walking and running 4 days per week for 30 minutes per day. It takes no equipment and no prerequisites. Are you ready to get off the couch and run your first 5k? What would happen if you went through training and crossed the finish line? How would that accomplishment make you feel? And What positive effects would it have on your body? Running your first 5k will not only change your fitness for the better, but it will change your life. It’s the first step towards understanding that your potential is limitless. And all it takes a training program to follow, and the decision to try. If you're looking to better your fitness, accomplish something incredible, and lose a few extra pounds in the process, then this is the plan for you. So lace up your shoes, walk out the door, and let’s get started!

  24. Beginner
    If you're new to working out, you'll never be at the gym wondering what to do again? There is no better way to build a foundation for fitness than with Full Body Workouts. Full Body workouts utilize compound or multi-joint movements to burn maximum calories, build lean muscle mass and develop strength, all while helping you lose fat. Full Body workouts also ensure that you create a balanced physique, eliminating strength imbalances, uneven definition and poor posture. This 1 hour workout is developed to help you build a solid, strength training foundation and develop consistently good form. Once you learn the basics and master this Full Body workout, you can progress to more difficult fitness challenges. A comfortable pair of Gym Shoes, Weight Lifting gloves and a Lifting Belt for back support are Recommended for this workout.

  25. Intermediate
    This 1 week plan consists of 3 sessions of 60 minutes each designed to strengthen and define your core through heavy compound lifts as well as plenty of abdominal work. These workouts are to be done in a gym and will require the use of weights as well as machines.

  26. Intermediate
    High intensity interval training for cyclists is a one week plan designed for intermediate level cyclists. This plan is great for anyone looking to get fit or improve their short term sprint power. There are 3 sessions, each 30 minutes in duration. You'll need a bike or an indoor stationary bike, along with a heart rate monitor or power meter to measure intensity.

  27. Intermediate
    This is an introductory week to sandbag training for intermediates. Training with items such as sandbags will increase your functional fitness and prepare your body for everyday life. The time for each workout will vary depending on the person as it up to everyone to work at a pace that is hard and also attainable for them. You will need a sandbag, kettle bells, a rower, and a tall box, sturdy table or the back of a pickup. I hope you enjoy this training plan. You can get a sandbag from several places online. I Recommend brute force sandbags, as they are tough as nails and guaranteed for life. You can also find videos on YouTube to make your own. Use a weight that is challenging but will still allow you to complete the workout. This 1 week plan consists of 4 workouts, and one optional instructional workout. You can split it up however you like, just make sure to take 3 days for rest or active recovery. If you are unfamiliar with sumo deadlift high pulls or sandbag box stepovers, you can utilize the instructional workout

  28. Intermediate
    This one week plan for intermediate weightlifters consists of 3 45 minute sessions designed to maintain muscle mass, size and strength while cutting weight. This workout is to be done in a gym and will require the use of weights as well as machines.

  29. Intermediate
    Are you in a training rut? Can't seem to beat your best 5K time no matter how hard you train? This training plan is designed to increase your turnover by recruiting your fast-twitch muscles, build endurance at a faster speed, increase leg power, shock your muscles out of its usual memory pattern of running and increase your mental strength. This workout plan can be completed on a track or a treadmill. This plan is not for the faint of heart. Get ready for that next 5K with this ultimate plan to drop time in no time. Continue with Week 2 for optimal results.

  30. Beginner
    This one week upper body workout is intended for beginners. It will include 3 sessions for the week at 50 minutes each. The equipment you will need are free weights, weight machines, bands and a matt. This workout is intended for the gym.