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Description: This plan is a one week plan that can be repeated. It is intended to be workouts you do before your shower/getting ready in the morning. These are good ones to incorporate in daily life to simply get healthy quickly. Each session is no more than 10 min and is meant to get your heart pumping to start the day.

Sport: Other

Level: Beginner

Duration: 1 week

Recommended Plans...

This plan is 20 minutes each day, that are high intensity intervals to get your heart rate up quickly. This plan consists of 3 sessions, for ideally Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This plan can also be repeated if you would like to do cardio every week!
This is a week long workout plan for individuals that are unable to get into the gym. This plan requires no equipment, simply push yourself using your body weight. This is also ideal for people that travel for work, or stay at home moms. If you need a good quality sweat but cannot get to the gym, this plan is for you!
This is a one week beginners guide to weight training. This plan includes 3 sessions that are 30 minutes long each. This plan is meant to build confidence in the gym so you will continue to go! Confidence is key when it comes to working out, so this guide will help educate, and motivate you to be the best version of yourself! This is a body weight plan, however weights can be added to every exercise. Join me in your fitness journey!
This plan is for beginners to the kettlebell world. If you have done weight training before this plan will introduce you to workouts with the kettlebells. If you have never done weight training before I would recommend starting with my couch to gym plan first then completing this plan so you have some basic knowledge of the gym. This plan consists of three days, each targeting a different muscle group. If you are not at a gym using this plan, you will need at least a 20 pound kettlebell. If you would like you can purchase an entire set.
This plan is designed to focus on strength training exercises to tone, grow and shape your booty! This plan is not only for ladies, but for men as well. Everyone needs a toned butt! This plan is with weights, however if you are a beginner I recommend body weight. This is a four week plan consisting of 3 sessions a week. This is intended to be added to your workout regiment to increase focus on the Glute muscles for a week.
This is designed to be a plan for after your workout to help you maintain flexibility. This plan can be repeated week after week because stretching is critical to health.
Training with items such as sandbags will increase your functional fitness and prepare your body for everyday life. The time for each workout will vary depending on the person as it up to everyone to work at a pace that is hard and also manageable for them. You will need a sandbag, kettle bells, a rower, and a tall box, sturdy table or the back of a pickup. I hope you enjoy this training plan. You can get a sandbag from several places online. I Recommend brute force sandbags, as they are tough as nails and guaranteed for life. You can also find videos on YouTube to make your own. Use a weight that is challenging but will still allow you to complete the workout. This 1 week plan consists of 5 workouts You can split it up however you like, just make sure to take 2 days for rest or active recovery.
This is a 15 min workout to be done 3-5 days a week. Equipment needed will be a Yoga mat, a step or gym equipment for the tricep dips, a towel, and a bottle of water. Exercises include: squats, lunges, planks, tricep dips, and climbers. The goal is to use a variety of movements that will work all the muscles in the body, giving a very effective work out in a shorter period of time.
This is a 1-week plan with 3 sessions of 30-minutes each, including moves easily done from the comfort of your home (a set of light to medium dumbbells is needed, plus a mat for comfort)! Work your upper body, lower body, and core, with a nice cardio blast included to spike the heart rate & burn more calories!

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