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Goal: PerformanceStaminaSpeed

Description: This plan is designed for those who have some training under their belt. Whether you aim to compete against the clock and others, or simply want to push yourself to new levels, this will give you the tools to BE competitive. Power-speed, tempo-speed and endurance based training included. From road to trail running, this 3 x per week plan will help you be competitive. Take 2 days off between these sessions and each session will be between 45 minutes and 90 minutes.

Sport: Running

Level: Advanced

Duration: 1 week

Recommended Plans...

This is week one of the beginner at-home band workout plan. The only equipment required is a set of resistance bands. This plan is easy on the joints, can be done anywhere, and will hit every part of your body to give you balance. Each workout will be approximately 30 minutes to be trained every 2 days. To use for subsequent weeks, you can increase the intensity by decreasing the number reps (8-10 instead of 12-15) but increasing the resistance by moving slower (for a count of 6-8 instead of 2-3 on each rep of an exercise).
This is an intermediate to advanced plan to help you build your body for shape and function. You will train 4 days per week with the other days left for active recovery and rest. Be sure to fuel your workouts and eat for recovery. A sample training week would be Monday and Tuesday train, Wednesday active recovery cardio, sport, dance, yoga etc. Thursday train, Friday train, Saturday active recovery, Sunday is off. Each workout session should not take you more than 45 minutes to complete.
This is an intermediate plan that will make you fitter, faster and more powerful which means stronger, leaner and empowered. You will need a jump rope, Thai bag or heavy bag, wraps and gloves. Use this plan 3 times per week on alternate days in addition to a resistance training plan for optimal gains. Rest at least one day per week and eat, sleep well EVERY day!
This is an intermediate/advanced level, high intensity interval training for increasing endurance and speed. The short bursts of sprinting are perfect for fat loss and toning muscles. To complete each exercise you will need a treadmill or an area with hills or slopes. Each session is 20 minutes and great for regular cardio, fasted cardio in the morning or a post resistance workout burnout. There are three sessions in the week. Feel free to use ankle weights, or resistance bands for more intensity.
The 4 Week Endurance Interval Training Plan is developed to build up athletic endurance through 12 sessions of run walk intervals that gradually increase stamina of running performance. This program can be done on a treadmill or outdoors. It is recommended to do the sessions every 2 days.
Sprint your way to a 6 pack with this interval conditioning workout. Perform 3 workout sessions over the course of 1 week. Try to rest at least 24 hours between workouts. Interval conditioning will allow you to raise and lower your heart rate for metabolic boosting and athletic performance benefits. This workout program coupled with a nutrition plan that matches your goals, will bring out those abs
This is a 4-week section of an 8-week Half Marathon plan for advanced runners. It contains 2 tempo sessions, 2 interval sessions, and 1 long run session per week.
This is a 4-week section of a 16-week Marathon plan for advanced runners. It contains 2 tempo sessions, 2 interval sessions, and 1 long run session per week.

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    This plan helped me run my fasted 10k to date ;)

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