Welcome Coach

We are so pleased to have you on board as a KuaiFit Coach. Below you will find materials to help you create training plans with the KuaiFit Plan Creator. We have a Walkthrough in both video and text form, and FAQs.

If you need to contact us:


Sign in & Create a Training Plan

For existing coaches, sign in here. If you are not yet a KuaiFit Coach, please sign up here.

Once signed in, you will see a dashboard. Please go to the TRAINING PLANS, then click CREATE. On this page is where you will create your training plan. There are a few things to prepare:

  • Select a Sport: Choose the sport for which you will create a plan for.
  • Plan Name: Please put a precise plan name such as "Train for a Marathon in 8 Weeks" or "30-day Total Body Workout". Please try to differentiate your plan name from other plans, and do not use generic titles like "Running Plan".
  • Plan Description: You can write as much as you wish but try not to record more than 90 seconds. In addition to the unique features of your plan, please also mention:
    • The total duration of the plan or each session.
    • The goal of the plan and target audience.
    • Training frequency (such as how many sessions to do per week).
    • What apparatus, if any, is needed (such as dumbbells, rubber bands, steps).
    • What environment should the training happen (home, gym, anywhere).
    After writing the description, please record the voice based on your description. The ideal length of description is 90 seconds or less, but we understand some may go over. You can either record directly using your computer's in-built microphone or you can upload previously-recorded voice files (must be mp3).


  • Flow: You can prepare all text first, then you can record your audios all-in-one-go to maintain consistency in your tone.
  • Voice Quality: Please ensure there is no background noise, mouse clicks etc. when you record your audios.

Main Plan Creation

Before you start, you should know how many sessions you plan to create. For example, if you are creating a 1-week training plan, it must have at least 3 sessions, to which you can advise users to train every 2 days.


Now, you can create your first session:

  • Session Name: You can treat this as an introduction to the session. Try not to only mention the name, "Session One". Please also describe how the session will play out and remind users how long the session will be. You do not need to limit this to a pure name. You can record, as an example: "Session 14 - this is the last session for this month. Have you noticed a big transformation already?". However, it is useful to include the session name/number at the start of the recording for when users are browsing the sessions they can quickly identify which session to choose.
  • Repetitions: The repetitions dropdown is for how many times you would like all the intervals in this session to be repeated. If your total intervals per session is greater than 20 (including repeats), you may use the repetitions feature. The interval limit in the Plan Creator is 20 intervals per session. Please only repeat sessions that have at least 10 unique intervals (not including repeats). Anything less and you can just create all/most of the intervals individually. Here is an example: If you wish to make a session with 30 intervals, you can do 10 unique intervals, and mark repetitions as two. This will make 30 total intervals. Alternatively, you can make a session with 15 unique intervals, and mark repetitions as one. This will also make 30 total intervals. What we DO NOT want is for you to create 5 unique intervals, and mark repetitions as five. This will make 30 total intervals, but it is not making best use of the 20 interval slots per session. If you wish to use the repetitions feature, please firstly create the highest amount of unique intervals to push down the amount of repetitions needed. We prefer unique intervals with unique audio recordings where coaches can add value to the plan, over repeating intervals the user has already heard.


  • One-week Plan: We advise new coaches to start with a one-week plan of at least 3 sessions. Submit this first, then move on to larger plans once you have been given feedback and your plan is published to the KuaiFit Store.


The next part is the bulk of the plan creation. Sessions are composed of multiple intervals (max. 20). Intervals are individual slots determined by time or distance where the coach tells the athlete what to do and at what intensity. For example: "Now let's do 5 minutes of running at heart rate zone 3". It is good practice to start with a warm-up interval and end with a cool-down interval.

  • Intensity Parameter: You can choose only one, multiple, all of them, or none if you wish. This is the parameter(s) by which you want the device to track and coach the user on. If you choose heart rate zone 2 and the user dips below that, the device will notify them to work harder and increase intensity so that they are exercising at the intensity you set.
  • Interval Duration: You must choose one interval duration. You can choose between Distance, Time, and Manual. For duration, we suggest that you set the duration at 5 minutes or less (especially for beginner plans). If choosing distance, try to keep distances that will likely take 5 minutes or less.
  • Manual: Choosing Manual is for when you do not require any duration or distance to be completed before the plan moves to the next interval. Manual means that the user will need to select on the headphones/phone when then are ready to move on to the next interval. If you choose this, you should probably indicate it in your voice instructions. Something like "Let's do pushups now until you’re ready to move on, then press next interval to move on".
  • Audio Track: You can type out your text then record what you've written. Try to guide the user as much as you can as to what you require (instructions, tips, advice, and encouragement).


  • Interval Duration: We suggest making each interval 5 minutes or less. For example, if want users to complete a 20-minute run at heart rate zone 2, instead of creating one interval with a 20-minute interval, you should create 4 intervals of five minutes each, all at heart rate zone 2. This will give you more opportunities to talk with the user. In the opening interval to the 20-minute run, you can instruct the user to do the run. On subsequent intervals, you can provide tips, encouragement, remind them of their activity, etc.
  • Interval Duration: Remember to allow time for the user to listen to your audio AND complete the exercise. If you want users to do a 1-minute run, and you talk for 10 seconds, make the interval duration 1 minute and 10 seconds.

Exclamation Marks

If anything is incomplete, you will see little red exclamation marks which indicate that you still need to complete that section. If anything in the plan is incomplete, you may SAVE the plan, but you will not be allowed to SUBMIT the plan.


  • Delete Intervals: By right-clicking on any interval, you will be able to delete or duplicate that interval.


Save: Once you’ve completed the plan, you can either Save -or- Save and Submit.

If you click Save and Submit, you will be taken here:

You will then need to add a few more details such as:

  • Duration of the entire plan.
  • The intended goal(s) the user will be undertaking.
  • Price of the plan. For prices, we suggest that monthly plans be priced at $4.99 and weekly plans be priced at $1.99 regardless of total sessions, duration, and level.
  • You will also need to upload an image. Do NOT to use stock images. We are happy for coaches to show themselves and really personalize the content they are offering. Try to use an image that you legally own and that is representative of the topic of the plan. Images must be square and should have minimum dimensions of 600 x 600px. You can check our store for ideas of what other coaches are doing.

Finally, press Submit. That will then be sent to us for approval. This will take a few days. Once you submit, our coach team will review your plan and either publish it to the KuaiFit Store or give you feedback on where to make changes.

How do I begin?

We urge coaches to start off by creating a 1-week plan with 3-5 sessions. It is easier for the coach to get a grip of the platform and still see some benefits before moving on to longer plans. Coaches can decide the number of intervals per session and the number of sessions per month or week, though we advise to make your plans as full as you can to add more value and increase the potential of your plan.

How do I get paid?

For each 1-month plan submitted to the store, you will receive the $100 upfront payment ($50 for initial 1-week plans), and you will forever earn 50% of the profit generated by your plan.

You should have inputted your PayPal address upon signup. If not, we will ask for your PayPal account once you have successfully published a plan to the KuaiFit Store. This PayPal address will be used to send your upfront payments and monthly recurring commissions.

What type of plan should I create?

It is entirely up to you. However, we are currently seeking plans for running, swimming, cycling, triathlon and gym. Once you have an idea, you can start thinking of your target audience and level of difficulty.

We suggest coaches start with a one-week plan. Take marathon running as example. You could develop a one-week marathon plan to target intermediate runners looking to take their training from half-marathon to the full marathon. Then do a follow-up plan which is a month-long.

How many plans can I submit?

You can submit as many plans as you wish. But please do not go overboard, especially if you are new to our platform. First, master the platform, then increase your plan portfolio. We will review all plans to ensure a level of quality and variety. Take running as an example, you can gradually create multiple plans, such as "Couch to 10km", "10km to Half Marathon", "Half Marathon to Full Marathon", "Finish a Marathon in 4h", etc.

Users might start either plan 1 or plan 3 first depending on their level. If they are happy, there are additional plans that are part of the same group to download. Additional plans can be 1 week or multiple weeks, and they might help build on previous plans or provide a new kind of training, such as plans to "Improve your Running Efficiency" or "Increase your Running Speed". These are just examples and of course you are free to adapt to your own training style for any of your desired sport and target level.

How big is the user base?

Apart from the KuaiFit Headphones, the new KuaiFit iOS and Android apps (public launch in April 2018) allow the deployment of plans directly from mobile phones and with the optional integration of third party sensors/devices - this means your training plans will be available to millions of people! We are growing rapidly in 2018 with thousands of users, so let's make a great effort together.

I am not confident with my voice, what should I do?

Just be yourself. It is important to give clear instruction with an upbeat, encouraging voice (just how encouraging depends on the difficulty level). If there is anything we can assist with, please email us at .

What language of plans you accept?

Only English at this time. We are happy to accept all languages but be aware that we will only publish non-English plans to the KuaiFit Store when our headphones/apps are available in other languages (currently only in English). We suggest that you create your plans in English, and if there are other languages you want to create in, please email us at coach@kuai.fit so we can discuss this with you.

What microphone quality do I need?

A normal microphone (built-in or external) is fine enough. However, please ensure a few things:
- Stay in a good environment without background noise or sudden sound from outside.
- Do not record your voice in too empty an area as there might be echoing.
- Be careful of keyboard noises and mouse clicks.

What device should I use to record my plan?

Please only use computers, not tablets or mobile phones. And in terms of browser, Google Chrome is recommended. You may use others such as Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge, but you may experience issues.

Can you give me sample to follow?

We are working on a mock plan. In the meantime, the information on this page should be sufficient for you to start creating plans.

Otherwise you can always submit your draft for us to review. Alternatively, you can email us to coach@kuai.fit with your username/password and plan name, and we will review your draft and give you suggestions for improvement.

Can I call you to discuss my plan?

Our office is in China, so this may not be convenient to find a good time to chat. We can communicate via email, and if necessary we can have a Skype chat.

Can I know users feedback or know who purchased my plan?

This is under process. Our long-term goal is to let coaches and members communicate directly through KuaiFit wearable devices and the app.

Can I have a free KuaiFit Headphone?

We offer special discount for coaches. Please email us at coach@kuai.fit. If you want to resell our headphones to your clients, we can discuss a commission scheme too.

Is there a maximum duration for each interval?

Yes. Please make sure each voice interval is no more than 5 minutes. When you do a long run or long interval, you must keep talking to the user, so they feel they are being coached.  To do this we recommend creating a new voice interval every 5 mins maximum. The interval may have the same intensity as previous/next interval, so its only function is to provide a voice notification to the user. The new interval can be "great job, you have completed X km/miles, you only have X more to complete this interval, keep it up!" etc.

Is there any advice connecting intervals?

Users will only know the current interval is completed when your voice tells them. So, to avoid users feeling lost, please indicate the previous interval has ended and the next has begun. You can:

  • 1. Create a voice interval telling the user to change exercise.

    Example: "Well done, you have completed your first 2km run, now let’s 3 minutes of squats."

  • 2. Create a voice interval telling the user to change intensity.

    Example: "Well done, you've completed your 2km run, now let’s push it to heart rate zone 3 for the next 1km."

  • 3. Create a voice interval with no changes in exercise or intensity / just to provide feedback.

    Example: "Well done, you have completed your first 2km, only 8km more to complete this long run."

  • 4. Create a voice interval telling the user to take a rest.

    Example: "Well done, you have completed your first 2km run, now let’s take a 1-minute rest."

How long can I talk for per interval?

As long as you want. But please remember that your speaking time will count towards the duration of the interval. So, for example, if you speak for 30 seconds, and expect users to do a 1-minute exercise, please set the interval duration as 1min 30secs, because users will probably only start doing the exercise once you’ve finished talking.

I don't know what to add as my plan image. Do you have any tips?

Please follow the specifications here: https://goo.gl/BGqMRq

What is a good Plan Name?

The Plan Name must include: Sport + Target + Level

For example: "Run Your First 5km - Beginners"

What do I need to include in the Plan Description?

The plan description must include: Duration + Level + Exercises + Objective + Equipment if needed.

For example: "This is a 1-week plan + for beginners + that includes 4 sessions of 30-minutes each + consisting of a mix of interval sessions and long runs + to get you running 10km by the end of the week. + You can do your runs outside or on a treadmill."

How should I introduce each Session?

The Session Name must include: Session Number + Duration + Exercise + Sport

For example: "Session 1 + 30 minute + Interval + Run"

What is the best way of starting the intervals?

Interval 1 must include: Intro + Start + Intensity + Tip

For example: "Welcome to Session 1 + Let's start with a 5-minute warm up run + this is just to loosen your legs + so take it very easy, you will have the chance to push harder later."

Interval 2 must include: Motivation + Completed + Next + Intensity + Duration + Tip

For example: "Well done + you have completed your warmup interval + now let’s do the first fast interval + at heart rate zone 3 + for 5 minutes + and remember to not push too hard, you should be able to breathe comfortably at this pace."

Can I create a one-day plan?

Please stick to weekly or monthly plans, and please create a minimum of 3 unique sessions per week, and make sure each session has a minimum of 10 intervals (so users feel they are getting good value with the plans and there is someone coaching them).

I see 'Repetition' on the Plan Creation page, what does it do?

The repetitions dropdown is for how many times you would like all the intervals in that session to be repeated. This feature should only be used when a session has more than 20 intervals and it is absolutely necessary (our software has a limit of 20 intervals per session). Anything less and you can just create original intervals individually without using the repetitions feature.

When I playback my voice recordings, why is there a delay?

Our software will record your voice immediately after you click the record button, so make sure you speak immediately after you click record to avoid any empty space in your recordings. The same applies to when you click Stop.

How can I copy/paste a complete session?

Each session should be unique. Please do not duplicate previous sessions as it does not provide a good experience for users. Coaches need to create progressive sessions, so users will feel the value of the plan, session-by-session.

When using the repetitions feature, how do I stop users do multiple warm ups and cooldowns?

Please include warm up (first interval of the session) and cool down intervals (final one) unless you use the repetitions feature. Repetitions will immediately loop the session, so you need to instruct the warm up and cool down in a way that fits well for the loop. Basically, go straight into the exercise without indicating any intro or outro, so that these intervals will fit nicely whether it is the first time the user is hearing them or the fifth time!

First Interval: "Ok we're jump-roping for 30 seconds, let’s try and get that heart rate up to zone 2. You can begin now"
Final Interval: "And you have 1-minute of rest here.  Nice work."

This example shows how to avoid mentioning the terms 'warm-up', 'cooldown' and interval numbers. But ONLY when using the repetitions feature. If not using the repetitions feature, please give standard warm-up/cool down instructions.

What does the Manual tick-box do?

Choosing 'Manual' as interval duration means that you do not wish for the user to move to the next interval based on duration or distance, but instead on when the user is ready. So, ticking 'Manual' means that the user will need to manually click Next on the phone/headphones when they are ready to move on to the next interval. If you choose this you need to tell the user with your voice instructions so they know what to do, for example "Let's do 10 pushups, and press next when you’re ready to move on to the next interval."

How much should I charge for my plan?

We suggest that monthly plans are priced at $4.99 and weekly plans at $1.99. Individual sessions should be $0.99 or $0.00.

How will users know who I am?

All KuaiFit Coaches have a public profile page where users can see your image, experience, achievements, and social links. Please remember that before any plan is approved, your profile must be complete. A profile photo, brief experience and web/social links are needed, and you can add these here: https://kuai.fit/profile/. Users are interested in the details and experience of their coaches, so the more details you add, the better!

What image should I use when submitting my plan?

Photo Spec: Square photo with at least 600 x 600px
Format: JPG, PNG
Maximum Size: 5 MB

Click here to see examples.